The jasmine plant is a source of luxurious fragrance. While it is a popular scent noted in perfumes, including Chanel No. 5, jasmine benefits do not end with its aphrodisiac properties. Your body and mind stand so much to gain from the health benefits of Jasmine, a truly divine gift from Mother Nature. 

Jasmine is packed with many antioxidants that make it superb for the skin. A hot tub bath with jasmine extract can help to moisturize the skin, fade blemishes, relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve your mood. In short, if you’re looking for a product with the aromatherapy health benefits of Jasmine, it will never disappoint. 

Want to learn more about how it works? No problemo! Read on to find out some specific health benefits of the jasmine plant.

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1. Moisturizes and increases skin elasticity

Jasmine oil has been used extensively for skin care, especially for fighting inflammation, revitalization, and moisturizing dry skin. Combined with hemp oil for skin, it is a great treatment for both dry and oily skin conditions.

It also works for anti-aging as its antioxidant content helps to boost skin elasticity, thereby limiting fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Tones and Soothes the skin

For years, experts and herbalists have used the jasmine plant to treat dermatitis and eczema. It also tones the skin and soothes shaving irritations. 

Mixing jasmine oil with your body lotion can help to reduce blemishes, eliminate dryness, and increase elasticity, leaving your skin soft and moisturized. 

For an immersive experience, treat yourself to a full body massage or hot bath with Pharmaspa’s Ylang Jasmine Spa Crystals, enhanced with hemp seeds benefits, regularly.

3. Alleviates aches and pains

One of the most notable jasmine plant benefits is pain relief. From reducing menstrual cramps to recovering after exercise, a Jacuzzi scented with jasmine makes an excellent bath for sore muscles and aching joints. 

Some research also shows that diluted jasmine helps reduce labor pain when diluted and used for massage. Although there’s only limited study on this, massaging sweet-smelling jasmine oil on your sore muscles and joints surely wouldn’t hurt.

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4. Helps to Clear the Mind

Jasmine extract makes one of the best hot tub fragrances to clear the mind after a long day. Whether you’re battling stress at work or just can’t find a solution to a pressing issue, immersing yourself in jasmine can be the prelude to your moment of “eureka.”.

Whether inhaled or consumed as a tea, jasmine has sedative effects, clearing your mind and relaxing your nerves, making it a lot easier to fall asleep.

Sleep is vital for all-around health and wellness. Without a doubt, the aromatherapy benefits of jasmine are endless.

5. Works as an antidepressant and for stress relief

Throughout the ages, jasmine essential oil has been used to relieve stress and improve mood. Knowing it has aphrodisiac properties, some Indians even decorate newlyweds’ bedrooms of newlyweds with jasmine flowers to set the mood. 

Interestingly, one study found that jasmine increased behavioral arousal. Simply inhaling the exotic fragrance of jasmine oil can affect brain activity and mood, and a depressed person begins to feel more positive, energetic, and even romantic. The antidepressant properties of this oil can also help mothers to combat post-natal depression. 

So, rather than using hard drugs or alcohol, jasmine is one of a few natural treatments for depression to try out. 

If you’re looking for stress relief products, using jasmine oil for massage or in a hot tub bath can help you reap its aromatic benefits. This would make sense after a long exhausting week.

In short, jasmine is one of the best hot tub fragrances you can think of.

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6. Reduces swelling

Like benzaldehyde and benzyl benzoate, jasmine kills germs and disinfects wounds, reversing swelling. It also works perfectly for removing possible infections from tetanus. What an incredible antidote to have handy!

7. For oral health

What would you give to have a set of strong white teeth and healthy gums that make your smiles even more glorious? A thousand bucks? Ten thousand? What if you knew you could get it for far less? Well, you could! 

The Jasmine plant is great for oral health. Research shows that jasmine natural extract has an antimicrobial effect against several oral microorganisms, such as E. coli and S. mutans

It also actively fights against all strains of candida, the bacteria that causes oral thrush.

8. Eases cough and cold

Jasmine oil is also known to ease spasmodic coughs. Parijat, also known as night jasmine, typically provides relief from the symptoms of cough and cold. It helps to remove mucus from the throat and cure cough. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties of parijat make it truly sensational for treating flu, chronic fever, arthritis, and joint pain. 

To use jasmine for cough, drink the extract as a tea or inhale the fragrance (it goes into your respiratory system).

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9. Promotes healing and fades out scars

Jasmine oil has been found to have anti-bacterial properties that promote the healing of wounds. Aside from treating skin infections, jasmine extract speeds the healing of chronic wounds such as diabetic ulcers and minor wounds such as scratches and cuts. It does all that by promoting the formation of scar tissue.

If you have an injury, you can get ylang jasmine spa crystals for hot tubs and enjoy a Jacuzzi while gradually healing. You can also apply diluted jasmine oil to cuts and bruises to make them heal faster.

10. Enhances libido

One of the most notable benefits of jasmine is its aphrodisiac property. For centuries, this flower has been used as an herbal remedy to break down emotional barriers and improve feelings of intimacy. Its antidepressant and stress relief properties are at play here, as they combine to overcome issues that are in the head rather than in the reproductive system. 

Decorating your bedroom with jasmine flowers for your date night can be a great way to set the mood for a great time. A romantic massage with jasmine oil wouldn’t be a bad idea. The scent, the softness; it’s all too divine.

The magical health benefits of Jasmine

Whether for pain relief, aphrodisiac, or aromatherapy benefits, jasmine is something you want to have handy in your home. You can include it in your self-care, skincare, and hair care routine, and you’d be sure to gain something from it with every contact.

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