Let’s talk about the magic of Lemons. Did you know that the health benefits of lemon can be very good for your body?

Lemons are not only just a fruit that can be added with a twist to your favorite drink, but they can also be used in a wide range of products including hot tub & bath fragrances, skincare solutions, and of course, help clean your home. Read on to find out about all the health benefits of lemon, and the ways lemon can be used to improve your quality of life.

Lemon is extremely versatile and has been valued since ancient times for its several domestic and industrial uses. Most famously it has been used for its special aroma when sliced, however, it is also used for several medicinal purposes- especially for making homemade remedies.

When lemons are added to a bath, you can enjoy a relaxing soak while naturally maintaining healthy skin and hair. They are a key ingredient used in skin care regimens and products (such as our hot tub crystals and liquids) to help cleanse your skin, brighten your complexion, and smooth out fine lines. Lemon can even be used as a personal deodorant, to naturally lighten your hair, and to whiten your teeth.

So let’s deep dive into the many health benefits of lemon.

Lemon promotes healthy hair and skin

What are the health benefits of lemon?

Lightens Your Hair Naturally

No matter the color and shade of your hair the sun will naturally affect the tone, however, lemons can be applied to help lighten the hair. The reaction of lemon juice when combined with sunlight causes the citric acid in the lemon juice to speed up the bleaching process and break up the hair pigment, thus making the underlying colors lighter.

While applying lemon zest directly onto your hair is the most effective method, a relaxing soak in your at-home spa bath or hot tub with products that include lemon zest could help to add that extra sparkle to your hair color.

Just don’t forget to keep your hair healthy and hydrated with extra conditioning next time you wash it, as lemon can have a dehydrating effect on hair ends.

Whitens Your Teeth

Looking to add that extra sparkle to your teeth? Lemons can be used for that too. When mixed at a 1-to-1 ratio with water, lemon juice can be swished around your mouth like a naturally brightening mouthwash.

How about a deep clean? Consider rubbing the peel directly on your teeth to allow the high acid level in the peel to lighten without damaging the enamel.

Cleanse and Brighten Skin

One of the best ways lemon can be added to your skincare regime is by becoming part of your nightly routine. Since lemon contains citric acid, applying lemon juice directly to the skin and letting it soak in can help reduce dark spots, acne scars, and other skin damage.

Citric acid helps to improve skin clarity and smoothness by breaking down melanin pigmentation and even helping to curb its overproduction of it.

Woman enjoy hot tub with hemp lemon zest

Additionally, the antioxidants that are found in lemon contain vitamin C, which helps to reduce premature aging. Combining lemon and hemp oil for skin use can help to hydrate the skin and reduce inflammation or appease sunburns.

The antifungal properties of the lemon kill Candida fungus strains on the skin. This type of yeast is often responsible for skin infections with symptoms such as thickening of the skin and redness, itch, and swelling. PharmaSpa’s Lemon Zest hemp collection has just the right amount of lemon and can be used in hot tubs and jetted spas to help cleanse and refresh skin.

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Improves digestive health

Another striking note about lemons is they have been known to work magic on the digestive system . Some people start their day with lemon water in place of coffee or tea because the citric acid can boost gastric acid secretion.

This process allows your stomach to break down and digest food more effectively throughout the entire day. These same properties make a glass of lemon water an excellent natural remedy to relieve indigestion and bloating.

Manage Body Aches

When combined with the properties of aromatherapy salts, the lemon balm included in the Lemon Zest crystal bath and hot tub spa salts can be used to ease inflammation in the body.

A warm soak is essential for people who experience back pain, arthritis, muscle tension or spams, as well as minor work and sports injuries. It can also help improve the body’s circulation.

women soaking hot tub

Strengthen Your Nails

Because lemon is a rich source of vitamin c, it promotes the production of collagen which makes the nails strong and healthy.

Yellow nails that come as a result of nail polish can also be prevented and treated with lemon. That is why some ladies soak their nails in lemon juice to whiten and clean them.

Exfoliate Chapped Lips

Using lemon in soaps and creams can help prevent chapped lips and lemon juice can also be used to exfoliate dry and dark lips.

Mix lemon juice with a natural binding agent (like honey) to help encourage a natural bleach to the lips making them appear pink and rosy.

Hot tub scents that help lift the spirits

Who doesn’t love a scintillating scent? The fragrance of lemon has been used in body scrubs and washes to help add that extra fresh citrus spark to your body’s allure.

While Pharmaspa’s entire liquid collection includes a variety of unique and equally alluring fragrances, try Lemon Zest to add the smell of lemon to your next at-home spa experience.

Lemon helps skin and hair health

Thoughts on the Health Benefits of Lemon

The easiest way to enjoy many of the benefits of lemon is by trying one of our crystal or liquid fragrances in your daily routine. Popularly known for its therapeutic qualities, Pharmaspa’s aromatherapy salts crystals and liquids are carefully crafted with the finest pure natural dried extracts.

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Pharmaspa has developed this Hemp collection of crystals and liquids that is specially designed for hot tubs and jetted baths.

Lemon is a key ingredient in the Lemon Zest Pharmaspa hemp fragrance and it’s used to help relax your body during bath and spa experiences. It can brighten your complexion and helps with a thorough cleansing of the body. The lemon balm can reduce swelling and reddening of the skin, while the moisturizer helps your skin to stay smooth and soft year-round.

The PharmaSpa hemp collection is produced by using the cold-pressed method (like olive oil) and is enhanced with hemp seeds benefits. None of the botanical extracts contains THC or CBD.

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