After a long and stressful day of work, there’s nothing better than a good bath to relax, especially when you know how to create a spa-like experience. With the following tips, bathing will become more of a luxury than a necessity – you won’t want to get out of the bathroom!

1. Take a Bath in the Morning

Incredibly beneficial for your body, and the most natural way you will find to wake up your mind. Even though most people think taking a bath at night is much healthier as it will help you relax and get away from all the stress from work, doing it at first thing in the morning also delivers impressive benefits to your health. From waking up a lot faster by giving you a boost of energy, to making your body a lot more refreshed so you can start your day entirely prepared – getting a bath after waking up is just terrific.

2. Warm the Water First

Whether you are bathing at night or after waking up, it is known that warm (not hot) water is always best to relax both physically and mentally. The steam from warm water, for example, opens and cleans your skin pores, giving a perfect glow. Moreover, warm water helps to relieve pain and makes your organs function efficiently. When you bath at 100-degrees Fahrenheit, you will achieve a rejuvenating feeling in your entire body and cleanse away all imperfections.

3. Use Bath Salts and Crystals

If you’re looking to create a spa in your own home, PharmaSpa Epsom salts and crystals should be your first idea. They have fantastic benefits for your skin and have therapeutic uses for conditions like insomnia, fibromyalgia (muscle pain), psoriasis, sprains and bruises, arthritis, and much more. You just need to warm the water and let the salts or Epsom crystals dissolve with the pouring or steam – it will immediately feel like you are in the ocean, so you just need to get into the tub to achieve maximum relaxation.

4. Don’t Rush

To ease up your body and mind, you will have to forget about any responsibility or thing-to-do – so you are entirely relaxed both mentally and physically. To do this, you will have to stay for at least 15 minutes on the tub, so just forget about anything you have to do in the following hour and stay for up to half-an-hour, giving yourself enough time to receive all the benefits from the salts, crystals, and warm water.

5. Create the Perfect Atmosphere

Candles, incense, and some music. Bring these three to the equation, and create a spa-like experience, with aromatherapy, the perfect lights, and some relaxing music to help you forget all your problems. Just light up the candles on the edges of the tub, bring your phone or multimedia player with some relaxing melodies, and let the incense sticks do their work. You will feel like you are in paradise while you’re there.

6. Do Body Massages

Massage your body gently with a sponge, or tell your loved one to do it. It will help you release all the tension in your muscles, make your mind relieve some stress and even give you an excuse to forget about your problems. Using a body scrub is also recommended, as it cleanses your skin, delivering a moist feeling that will make it softer eventually.

7. Bring a Cold Compress

You won’t believe how good it feels when your body is all soaked in warm water, nearly sweating, and then you use a cold compress on your forehead. While your body is all hot and steamy, your head will feel frozen and refreshed; you will achieve supreme mind relaxation.

8. Wear Comfortable Clothes

After a few minutes in the bath, it is time to hop out and start your day or get into comfortable clothing to sleep. Whatever you do afterward, use soft clothes to get your body to prolong all the benefits from the relaxing bath. When you use tight or uncomfortable clothes, your body starts feeling tense, and your mind gets all dizzy again. So just put on your softest pajamas if you are going to bed, or refreshing clothes if you need to go to work (at least until you get to your office). The more comfortable the clothes you put on, the longer you will feel relaxed.

So, what are you waiting for? Start having relaxing baths using these tips and achieve the fantastic advantages they offer!

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