Are you looking to host a private hot tub party in your backyard? Here are some suggestions on how to throw a relaxing, fun-filled social event.

Hosting a hot tub party is the perfect way for you and your friends to relax and enjoy each other’s company. But as a hot tub owner, it can be hard to figure out how to host such a party in your backyard.

Our guide covers 8 must-know tips that will help you ensure the happiness and safety of your guests. From getting your tub ready and setting the mood, to picking the right snacks, we got you covered with great hot tub party ideas at home.

1. How To Properly Prepare Your Hot Tub

The most important thing you can do when preparing for your hot tub party is make sure you do regular hot tub maintenance by balancing the pH levels of your water. We recommend doing so a full 24 hours before the party.

On the day of your party, make sure to heat up your hot tub water in advance so it has reached the optimal temperature as your guests arrive. A quick note on the temperature of the water; it is recommended to slightly lower the average hot tub temperature to 100ºF so everyone can feel comfortable and not over-heated.

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2. Keep the invitation list small

It’s always a great time when you can spend it with those who care about you most. And we know it can be tempting to invite everyone you know. Everyone loves attending a big awesome party so you can catch up.

One of our top backyard party hosting tips, when planning the perfect soiree to attend with friends and family, is keeping invite lists small. And there are a few reasons why:

  • It ensures that guests have a close personal connection with the host and other guests.
  • Safety: from potential injuries (running on wet floors) to take into consideration the health of your guests with too many people around.
  • Keep it relaxing so guests don’t feel like they have to keep an eye on the tub for a vacant spot; it creates stress.

3. Setting the mood with music

If you want to make your next shindig a hit, then it’s time for some tunes. Create a playlist ahead of time, or find a good playlist on Spotify or YouTube. The idea here is to set it up once and forget about it.

When choosing music, it’s important to have a variety of both chill and upbeat tunes. You want to keep the evening light and fun. Keep on reading for more backyard hot tub ideas.

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4. Pimp your backyard with lights and decorations

To add some extra flair we recommend adding colorful lights that will make everyone feel like they’re in another world for just one night. You could even try using candles or other decorations such as lanterns which would set up an intimate atmosphere.

Spa fragrances might be just the thing you’re looking for to make your hot tub experience even more enjoyable. Just add them in and watch your guests’ happy reactions. They will also appreciate not smelling the bromine or any other chemicals used to balance the water.

Pharmaspa offers a wide variety of spa fragrances made specifically for hot tubs and jetted baths:

5. Keep drinks and snacks on hand

Your guest will truly appreciate this. And we have a few suggestions for the perfect snacks for your party. It’s a good idea to keep it light, such as veggies and fruit skewers, nuts, crackers, cheese, and appetizer recipes.

And what’s a party without refreshing drinks. Have a nice selection on hand and make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic options as well. Hot tubs can dehydrate your body or some can feel woozy from the heat. Keeping a large pitcher of water is key, with fruit juices and smoothies. 

  • Have some healthy options on hand and lots of water.
  • Serve on plastic plates and cups. Avoid glass and breakable plates.
  • Encourage your guests to eat only when outside of the hot tub.

6. Have clean towels on hand

Make sure you have plenty of towels available for guests to use when they get out of the hot tub because at least one person will have forgotten to bring a towel.

Getting a few pairs of cheap flip-flops to offer guests is a good idea. Best to avoid slips and falls on the wet floor.

beach towels

7. Keep it clean

Feet get dirty so let your guests know that they can clean their feet before entering the hot tub by placing a water basin close by. This will keep the water clean and welcoming.

Encourage hygiene so that your friends and family feel comfortable. It’s also a good idea to keep hand sanitizer nearby.

8. When guests get out of the hot tub

Depending on how many guests you have or how the evening goes, you should make sure that guests know where they can go when out of the water.

Have outdoor chairs set up, perhaps a patio table too, so they can keep enjoying the evening. If your backyard or deck is large enough, set them up near the tub so everyone can be together.

Are you ready to host your own hot tub party?

So, if you’re looking for a way to get your friends together and know that they’ll have fun in the process, don’t hesitate. Hosting a hot tub party is an excellent idea! Just make sure you follow our 8 tips so everyone can enjoy themselves safely.

We also recommend getting some of Pharmaspa hot tub fragrances for your water to enhance the mood with mild spa scents.

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