If you suffer from chronic pain conditions can tell you how terrible the condition can be. Individuals who suffer from pain, chronic or not, know how unbearable it can get. It can make you feel helpless and alone. But this article will help you find ways to ease muscle soreness.

Muscle tears, ankle, knee pain, and burning pain in the shoulder, foot and ankle pain, you name it! These conditions are afflicting more and more people around the world. It is not just the elderly or the athletes who wish to ease muscle soreness. If you work long hours on the computer, you know the complaint about muscle stiffness or backache.

Here’s a complete guide on how to relieve sore muscles.

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Managing pain

Pain management is the best way to relieve muscle pain. There are a couple of ways you can diminish the muscle pain, so it becomes bearable. In short, it cannot completely vanish at once, but you can find relief for muscle soreness.

One way is through medication. Using painkillers and pain blockers can provide instant yet temporary relief. Yet, it is not free from cons.

Medicine has side effects. Pain medication, in particular, is known for causing stomach issues. Some medications can also cause dependency. Your body becomes so accustomed to taking them that you are unable to go a day without using them.

How to ease muscle soreness without medicines?

Other ways you can decrease pain include doing light exercise, applying a heating pad, or taking supplements. A combination of these can help reduce pain to an extent.

Are looking for home remedies for body aches? The benefits of soaking in Epsom salt are also a very effective way to deal with pain. Bath crystals contain minerals that relax the body and reduce muscle soreness.

Pharmaspa’s Original Tiger Balm crystals are the best product. It will reduce pain due to any condition, from sore muscles to gout on the ankle.

How does the Tiger Balm Work?

Active all-natural and herbal ingredients

Before allopathic medicine, curing through herbal medication was the standard. From Ancient China to India, natural remedies were used for every kind of ailment, be it physiological or psychological.

Pharmaspa has developed Tiger Balm based on proven herbal ingredients. Pharmaspa researched herbal techniques and developed all-natural products that have no side effects.

Muscle relaxation hot tub

Muscle relaxation

Our Tiger Balm is a revolutionizing product. It combines the benefits of aromatherapy and herbal medicine.

Placing a suitable amount of Tiger Balm crystals or liquid into a warm bath works wonders for the body. The active herbal components of the balm work together to relax and ease the tensions in the muscles.

Arthritis pain

The use of Tiger Balm is also not limited to easing muscle soreness. It is also an excellent arthritis pain treatment. Arthritis is a very painful condition resulting from swelling in the joints followed by excruciating pain.

A Tiger Balm soaks bath improves the circulation of blood and reduces inflammation which in turn decreases the pain caused by arthritis.

General well-being

Aside from providing pain relief, the Tiger Balm has other benefits. The balm has ingredients that are excellent for general well-being.

Tiger balm aromatherapy helps open up the respiratory passages and improve breathing. If you suffer from asthma or any other respiratory condition you can also experience improvement in your condition.

All the benefits of Tiger Balm make it the best way to achieve pain relief. All this without worrying about any adverse side effects.


Breaking Down the Tiger Balm Ingredients

Wondering what is in Tiger Balm? Here’s all you need to know.

At Pharmaspa, we use 100% natural ingredients of high quality. Pharmaspa’s Tiger Balm crystals and liquids are also no exception. Here is each ingredient and its benefits in our Tiger Balm natural extract blend


The Arnica plant is part of the sunflower family. It is a herb known for having anti-inflammatory compounds used for pain relief. Aromatherapy is the best way to benefit from its effectiveness.


Camphor is a powder derived from the bark of the Camphor tree. This ingredient is FDA approved and used for many pain and skin-related issues.

Camphor increases the blood flow, thus reducing inflammation and providing relief from swelling. The strong aromas of the powder are also known for killing germs and purifying the air.


Menthol is an organic compound found in strong-smelling plants like peppermint or mint. Aside from having a cooling sensation, menthol is known for its healing properties.

The compound triggers the body’s thermoreceptors that give the cooling sensation. It does this without actually lowering the temperature of the body.

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Using Tiger Balm for pain relief

By understanding the science and the effects of the other ingredients, you can see how it works as one of the best home remedies for body aches.

Many of the ingredients mentioned are used in over-the-counter medication. But at Pharmaspa, we have combined a blend of the most effective ingredients to provide relief.

Pain relief is a good soak away with our Tiger Balm products. Whether you want to ease muscle soreness, arthritis, gout, or any other pain condition. Tiger Balm targets the basic causes of pain, swelling, tension, or bad circulation.

You will notice lasting results. It is all about improving the quality of life because pain can diminish your enjoyment of life. With Tiger Balm, you can live each day with comfort without the terrible feeling of being in pain.

Tiger Balm Epsom salts PharmaSpa Original spa and bath Crystals

Original Spa and Bath Crystals – TIGER BALM

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Original Spa and Bath Liquids – TIGER BALM