Epsom salts have been known in the world for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, offering wonderful benefits that no other mineral can provide thanks to its properties that soothe everything from the body to the mind. And all of this is simply done while bathing, using them as aromatherapy, or just adding them to a bath or a hot tub.

Taking a bath with Epsom salts is known for being one of the most beneficial activities for many skin and muscle conditions. However, the real effects of this therapeutic mineral are far broader, thanks to how magnesium works alongside sulfate, offering both regulating effects and several antioxidant advantages to the body.

Here are a few of those benefits:

Relieving Stress

Magnesium is an essential mineral for our bodies, and it helps us stabilize our adrenaline and blood pressure levels. When we are stressed, these levels tend to decrease exponentially, so taking a bath with Epsom crystals not only helps to maintain these levels but also helps to relax the body, decrease irritability, improve sleep, soothe muscles and joints, and even energize the body.

Reducing Pain and Inflammation

Whether you have muscle cramps, nerve pain or joint swelling, taking a bath with Epsom salts will easily mitigate soreness, soothe any pain and even provides therapeutic effects for sprains and fractures. Sometimes, a simple foot bath can help to relieve each one of these conditions in feet.

Muscle and Nerve Functioning

Electrolytes are more than essential for muscles and nerves to function correctly, and they often get reduced with constant use, exercise, stress, or pure laziness. The magnesium contained in Epsom crystals produces calcium, which eventually helps in promoting more and better electrolytic connections in muscles and nerves that aid in maintaining them in perfect state.

Preventing Circulatory Diseases

Heart diseases such as atherosclerosis (arteries hardening) and thrombosis (blood clots) can be avoided by consuming enough magnesium. As a mineral, magnesium helps to improve blood circulation, promote artery elasticity, and reduce blood pressure – which is translated into less risk of heart attacks and other heart conditions.

Preventing Diabetes

One of the most critical processes in the prevention and treatment of diabetes is the effectiveness of insulin. Sulfate, which is found heavily in Epsom salts, improves how insulin works in the body, helping to treat and possibly prevent diabetes.

Eliminating Toxins

Maybe the most crucial benefits of Epsom crystals, removing toxins from the body, possibly even relieving conditions such as constipation. This also works well for the skin, thanks to the reverse osmosis effect that happens when you add these minerals to your hot tub, for example, taking out all the unnecessary metals, toxins, and other harmful impurities, making the skin look radiant and energetic.

The benefits of uses of Epsom salts are simply awesome! Starting to use PharmaSpa Epsom crystals in your bath and hot tub will merely improve your wellness exponentially, and provide all these uses and benefits without a single side effect.

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