A shower is a fantastic tool for our bathrooms, as it makes washing and cleaning faster. The same happens with a bathtub, which is more spacious and allows us to relax a little.

However, sometimes we have enough time to take longer and even more relaxing baths, improve our health, get a little entertained, reduce the stress from everyday life or simply have an excellent worry-free occasion alone, with friends or with family. In these moments we need not a shower or a bathtub, but a hot tub.

Getting the right hot tub for home, however, is not an easy deed. Whether you are looking to relax, have a great time with your loved ones or only get it out of pure curiosity on how it can improve your wellness – picking the right spa to have at home means taking your time to consider a long list of details.

Here we have sorted every essential aspect to take into account when buying so you can eventually make a much better choice.

Safety First

Temperature limits and controls, any surface problem, or even just because it doesn’t benefit your health conditions, a hot tub may or not be safe for you – so it is essential to always consider that before making a choice. Contact and discuss with your health professional, make sure the hot tub is safe in general terms, and then you may pick one for you. There’s simply no use having a hot tub at home if it is not safe to use.

Size Is Essential

An essential part of choosing a hot tub is being assured what size will fit in the place you intend of setting it up at. Size will always be a lot more important than, for example, the type of use you are going to give to the product. Consider how tall you are and how many people you want to use it with. The bigger and larger the product is, the more features it will have, and the broader the range of uses it will offer.

Intended Use

Some people often use hot tubs daily for a wide range of activities and applications, but no matter how you use it; the most important part is always how convenient it is, how much people may fit in it, how many features it has and what type of activities apart from relaxing you want to get it for.

Placement of the Product

Are you thinking of placing the hot tub outdoors? Or do you prefer a more private indoor place for it? You must pick a hot tub according to where you think it fits more comfortable, where it will look better, and where it will last and support all climate, ventilation, temperature and humidity changes. The construction is all you need to consider this time.

Price and Quality

The better the product, the more expensive it will be. There’s no question or doubt about this. But if you are short on budget, you may find some options at around the $1,000 range, which are typically inflatable or made of vinyl but not as durable or reliable. The more expensive the product,  the more likely you are going to receive excellent quality, low maintenance costs, and a much more long-lasting experience.

Features to Consider

It is nearly impossible to make the right choice without even knowing what you’re looking for. And this means, in short, to know at least how a hot tub works. Knowing its features is essential when it comes to choosing a hot tub, features such as:


The little holes from where bubbles and heat come from, jets come in a variety of types, power, and adjustments. Make sure the spa you pick comes with adjustable jets and at least 8 of them.


The insulation should be good enough to make the hot tub look good, maintain heat during use and while standby, and have excellent soundproofing eventually.  Full-foam insulation is usually the best one in these terms.

Energy Efficiency

Having too much horsepower may be counterproductive, the same happens when the device doesn’t transfer heat efficiently. Make sure the one you choose has an excellent heat transfer so heat is used effectively, and that it has enough horsepower that doesn’t get wasted.


There are cheap vinyl and inflatable tubs, which are not as durable as stainless/enameled steel spas, for example. If you want reliability and a long-lasting product, choose something that supports heavy use such as thermal plastic, wood, acrylic, iron, copper, or stone.


There’s nothing more convenient than choosing a product that doesn’t need much maintenance. Some tubs only demand users to change a filter cartridge every six months and that’s it. Others, however, may require chemicals, constant cleaning, monthly filter replacement, and more – which could be annoying in the long-term.


Stone and wooden hot tubs are often much better looking than others. They can be fixed in almost any place and will easily deliver an elegant and stylish finish to it. But of course, the better the product looks, the more it costs.


From the cover to steps or even a lounge, there are several accessories most tubs come with that may increase the convenience and comfort of the product. Lights and atmospheric features are worth it.  Consider these for a more versatile and satisfying choice.

Ready to Make your Purchase?

Don’t let the many options out there become a problem for you. Inform yourself, do your research, and be sure of what you are looking for before buying. Remember that a hot tub is far more than just a bubbly device; it can help to improve your health completely. So, it is critical to choose wisely…

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