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Immerse your body in hot water and proceed with light circular movements to feel the relief.

Did you know that Epsom salts help drain toxins from your body and provide you with a wonderful sensation of well-being?

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Immerse your body in hot water and proceed with light circular movements to feel the relief.

Did you know that Epsom salts help drain toxins from your body and provide you with a wonderful sensation of well-being?

This product is specifically made for hot tubs and jetted baths. It will not harm filters, jets, or pipes, nor affect the hot tub water’s pH and chemistry.  Don't have a spa or jets? Our Epsom salts work just as well in your bathtub or in a foot bath.

• Free of color additives, gluten, parabens, and petroleum • Not Tested on Animals


  • Spas / Hot Tub - add 1 to 2 capfuls of PharmaSpa Spa and Bath Crystals directly in your hot tub or jetted bath. Measurement is given for approximately every 500 gallons of water. Adjust as needed.
  • Bath / Whirlpool Bath - add 1/2 to 1 full capful
  • Foot Bath - add 1/2 to 1 full tablespoon

Keep away from direct light and store below 35°C / 95°F.

See How to use Our Products page for detailed instructions.

Container Size: 385g / 13oz

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Keep out of reach of children and animals • For external use only • Do not swallow • If swallowed, contact a Poison Control Centre immediately • Avoid contact with eyes • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water, and seek medical attention if irritation persists.

45 reviews for Original Spa and Bath Crystals – All Fragrances

  1. DeeDee Brown

    Tried the Energy ones, they’re fine.

  2. Teresa Spears

    I use this in my bath, works great and the Lavandula helps me get a good sleep.

  3. Naomi Rosenbaum

    I tried both Phytomix crystals and the bath oils and it did nothing for me.

  4. Juliette Bonham

    I used articular for foot baths, it’s really relaxing and helps with my swollen feet.

  5. Helena Lewis

    After trying quite a few, Pharmaspa’s Original Lavandula is the best lavender bath product I’ve tried.

  6. Mary Bernstein

    The Aloe Vera in the Original Eucalyptus is so soothing after a day in the sun. We received the product in a timely manner and we were glad we received it so fast.

  7. Angelina Farris

    I tried this for myself but I was hesitant due to reviews. It took three capfuls in my hot tub for 8, the smell was pleasant while it lasted. And no noticeable benefits to my joints. Might not be worth it.

    • PharmaSpa (store manager)

      We are sorry to hear you did not find the smell long-lasting or feel the benefits. How many gallons does your 8 person spa hold? Our directions are for up to 500 gallons, so if bigger it will take more crystals. Please check your email for a one-time promo code to try our product again.

  8. Judy Zenowich

    A friend told me that glucosamine helps with arthritis and recommended this product to me. And so I bought it and now I really notice a difference in my hands after soaking a good while with the Articul-R.

  9. Jonathan

    Amazing! My customers love The Tiger Balm Original Crystal product!! A lot of them are very active people with aches and pains and they use this product to sooth away their pains. Keep it up !

  10. Vanessa Falwell

    Perfect for my husband. He enjoys soaking in the hot tub with Phytomix after coming back from a hunting trip. We were also very pleased that the bottles were so well packaged, with our delivery.

  11. Shari

    Got Energy Crystals for my Dad. It reminds me of his Old Spice cologne. Not bad.

  12. Frank Randall

    I surprised my girlfriend with the Lavendula while on our staycation. We use it often now.

  13. Fred Best

    1 to 2 capfuls for approximately every 500 gallons is a large amount relative to the size of the jar. Maybe I’ll get 5 uses or less. Provide better instructions.

    • PharmaSpa (store manager)

      We are sorry to hear about your experience. Our containers and instructions are standard with similar companies. Try adding a bit less or try our liquid fragrances. You can read this page for directions

  14. Denis Roland

    The Wintergreen in the Tiger Balm really helps with my chronic back and hip pain. I have better mobility after a soak.

  15. Bob Coolidge

    Does exactly what is advertised

  16. Riley Kershaw

    Phytomix helped me heal from little scrapes and cuts in my jacuzzi. Now I wish I didn’t get scrapes and cuts any more. But the Phytomix was good.

  17. Leslie Jacobson

    Was curious about the Lavandula Original Crystals, after reading the reviews. My wife & I ordered some and it de-stressed from our day.

  18. Joe Goodfellow


  19. Josie Alexia

    I tried Energy one and at first, it really threw me off. Usually, baths are for relaxation. Not this one! It gave me a lot of pep. To be used in the morning, not at night.

  20. Leif Gunderson

    It turned out that Tiger Balm helped me with my colds and flus. That helped me workout more often.

  21. Chloe Sampson

    Long time chronic pain, Articul-R relieves my pain and I sleep better.

  22. Grace Goodwin

    Great products. Natural scents. Highly recommend PharmaSpa scents, Lavandula is my personal favorite.

  23. Joy Sharpton

    The minty freshness of Tiger Balm is awesome.

  24. Jeffrey Belanger

    I fell down a bit down the mountain, while I was on my usual hiking trail and it hurt. I was black and blue in a few spots. I dumped a good helping of Tiger Balm in my tub for a week, and the bruises healed faster. You should make the crystals stronger, so I don’t need to use as much.

  25. Chris Selby

    I’m a Fitness Trainer and I recommend the Tiger Balm to all my clients, especially the newbies just starting a fitness program. It eases aching muscles after a good work-out at the gym.

  26. Eddie Birch

    I feel very self conscious about my body acne. But using the Eucalyptus helped my acne get better and I never thought a product could help me like that. I do find the fragrance a bit too strong though.

  27. Devina Light

    They smell amazing and my hot tub’s water is clean.

  28. Zoey Parker

    I am doing a detox and Epsom salts are a natural detoxing agent. This one also has ginger extract which is good for the digestive and nervous system and eucalyptus for respiratory systems. I am drinking lots of water which flushes toxins. I figured an Epsom salt will help even more. I don’t know if it is working but it’s super relaxing. Doing it before bed as it makes me sleepy afterwards.

  29. Trey Burton

    It actually does work for skin problems. I get eczema from time to time and over time the phytomix helps it go away.

  30. Lana Tarantino

    The Eucalyptus helps soothe my sunburn. Thank goodness. Could you have more bath products marketed for summer time?

  31. Cindi P

    Tried Lavandula. I wish I coulda loved ya but you kinda smelled weird.

    • PharmaSpa (store manager)

      Hello Cindi, thank you for your comment. There are many different varieties of lavender and we do not use the common one. But the benefits are much stronger.

  32. Sylvie Cadieux

    Good for the aroma and the price and the aroma smells nice. And I did get a boost of energy!

  33. Don Turner

    The Tiger Balm salts are ok, I wish there were more exotic scents.

    • PharmaSpa (store manager)

      Hi Don, have you tried our Nature fragrances? I think they be what you are looking for.

  34. Richard Davidson

    Great smell, I love how it feels during and after, and the natural extracts. Took off one star as it’s quite pricey.

  35. Sandi

    Wow! So delicious. I just added a bit to our hot tub to try and it’s lasting longer than I thought. Phytomix has such a great smell, really smells like a spa 🙂

  36. Ernest Finestein

    I got some articulr bath crystals and liquids as it was recommended to me for my joint pain. I am not sure how to use them. I also wondered, how can I tell if the crystals or the liquids are best for my needs?

    • PharmaSpa (store manager)

      Thank you for trying our products. For maximum benefit in your case, we recommend the crystal. Epson salt releases magnesium sulfate can reduce muscle soreness and relieve cramps. For hot tubs add 1 to 2 capfuls for approximately every 500 gallons of water. For a bath or Whirlpool add 1/2 to 1 full capful.

  37. Mykenzie Dhillon

    This was so nice to use in our hot tub.

  38. Phil Takeuchi

    Well packaged and was enjoyable to use.

  39. Cobi Doern

    Received it quickly! Great scent!

  40. Tarl Dearden

    Can recommend this product.

  41. Juanita Pisch


  42. Jayne Dehal

    nice fragrance

  43. Eve Suliak

    Really happy I got this product.

  44. Netta Schmidt

    Would buy it again.

  45. Jess Busfield

    nice smell. recommend it.

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